Larkspur’s Hours of Service

Lunch Service is open daily from noon to 2:30pm followed by après ski service until 5:30.

Larkspur Market
is open daily from 8am-5pm.

Apres Ski on our Patio


$5 Larkspur Lightnings

$5 VITs (Vail Iced Teas)

$9 Minnie’s Gin Fizzes

Monday through Thursday

$15 Larkburger and Any Beer

$10 Neopolitan Pizza

Join us in April for 50% off all Bottles of Bubbly!

All bottles of champagne on our list are half off until we close on April 19th, make a memory with family and friends today!

Benefit of the Month

April, The Literacy Project

When you dine at Larkspur, all proceeds from your purchase of our house filtered bottled water are donated to our Benefit of the Month. Applications are being accepted from local non-profit organizations

click here for application and information

Employment at Larkspur

Larkspur has great employment opportunities for passionate, quality driven kitchen and dining room employees.

If interested please send your resume to info@larkspurvail.com


View the Larkspur Episode of “The Local Dish” here.

A letter from Thomas

Dear Friends of Larkspur,

          When Nancy and I decided to open Larkspur Restaurant 15 years ago, we had so many lofty goals in mind for what we wanted it to be. First and foremost, we hoped it could become a gathering place for the Vail community that we are proud to call our home. We also spoke often about building a culture that fostered a professional family that worked together day in and day out to create positive memories for our guests and for ourselves. We hoped to accomplish our shared desire by creating thoughtful cuisine, providing professional disciplined service, but above all, outpouring generosity to our guests and to each other.

As I reflect back on this season and the 14 years that have preceded it, I feel we have stayed true to our original aspirations and I am so proud of what we have accomplished. We raised three boys, two who have moved beyond the valley and branched out on their own. I am able to cook side by side (and now eye to eye) with our youngest son, who was born just 4 months before our opening and has only known life with Larkspur. We have employed so many children of friends through the years, and they have come back year after year to help during the busy holiday seasons, while their parents still come to enjoy a fine dining experience or a Larkburger at the bar. We have welcomed to our doors many guests that have become friends and the relationships have grown through the years and taken on the patina that only lasting and enduring respect can create.

During these years, we have created many other restaurants that all came from the ilk of Larkspur. From the two restaurants at Red Sky Ranch, the Westin Riverfront Resorts food and beverage program and Restaurant Avondale, Centre V at the Arrabelle Hotel as well as its food and beverage programs, and of our course our beloved Larkburger that is completely bred from Larkspur and now gives Larkspur inspiration from time to time. The one constant, though, has been Larkspur and our thoughts and attention never strays far from it.

This winter, as I looked out on the dining room during the busy holiday season, I realized that it had all become too much of a formula to be inspiring and that it was time to do something different. We were still producing food and drink with thought and care but we were doing it all with too many habitual and self-imposed guidelines. Never before in my 35-year career had I allowed myself to become stagnant, and here I was stuck and uninspired. It was time to shake things up. With the support of our partners Chris Jarnot, and the other wonderful members of the Vail Resorts team who have been there for us through the years, we decided to relook at Larkspur and what it could be moving forward that would still hold true to our original vision.

After much discussion, we realized that it was being able to focus our full attention on gatherings of family, friends, business colleagues, culinary enthusiasts, and community that brought us the most joy and inspiration. We also realized that it brought our guests pleasure to break bread and gather at Larkspur for the poignant moments that punctuate our lives. Larkspur has made these events part of our core business since its inception. I’ve  found there is nothing more memorable and rewarding than providing hospitality to others, and realized we do this best when we welcome full groups into our restaurant.

Therefore Nancy, the Larkspur team, and I are going to lift the restraints of the 10 appetizer|10 entrée formula of a la carte dinner service and put our attention to growing and improving our private and public gatherings. Removing these boundaries has opened the door for us to also re-imagine what our ski in-ski out lunches can be throughout the winter. We are going to go back to the drawing board with both our winter lunch service and grab-and-go market. We are going to take nothing for granted and look at everything we do with fresh eyes to create a renewed and vibrant culinary epicenter for skiers in the Golden Peak area.

These are just some of the ideas that we finalizing:

-Guest chef dinners with nationally renowned chefs from New York, California, Denver, Chicago and multiple boutique markets in the USA

 -Harvest lunches on our beautiful lawn at the base of the ski mountain with gorgeous views of the Gore Range, using every vegetable at its peak of ripeness from our friends and local farmers throughout the Vail valley

-“Cellar” dinners to celebrate the bounty of our wine list paired with foods of the season

-Culinary classes for residents and travelers alike that can help people elevate their own cooking aspirations and bring them in touch with each other

-Cooking for and with local school children to expand their knowledge of wholesome real food and continue to grow the message that cooking is a key ingredient in the quest for a healthy diet

-Working with fitness experts from the community to produce athletic and whole food based experiences

-Culinary workshops with chefs and food minded professionals from around the country as well as our own community to bring a greater awareness to the Vail Valley as a culinary destination

-Exploring and realizing foods and menus from around the world for an evening get away to far- off lands

 -Spontaneous ideas that we can cultivate into impromptu dining experiences for the community at a moment’s notice

 By removing many of the restraints of a la carte dinner service and the administration required to produce a nightly offering, we are able to more deeply explore ideas and collaborate with our team. This is what ultimately brought me into this unique business and brings me far more pleasure than anything else. When there is cooking to be done with a singular focus on one single menu, all my passion can be poured into that meal and desire to give to our guests. I know this mindset runs throughout our entire team and we are busy thinking of new and exciting events to incorporate into our summer program.

We look forward to welcoming all of you to our home away from home through the coming years and, in our own small way, hope we can help create positive and lasting memories for each and every one of you.



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