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The Jahahn Wedding at Larkspur

Larkspur Vail Colorado Mountain Wedding Venue wedding in colorado mountains

Erin’s dream was to have a romantic mountain wedding and she found the venue for it here at Larkspur Events and Dining. The view of the Gore range speaks for itself but the couple was equally blown away by the attentive service and the amazing food provided by our dedicated Larkspur team. 

Larkspur Vail wedding venue is home to a stunning landscape that is complemented by beautiful interior venues too. The Jahahns especially loved the elegance and comfort of our dining room where they shared an amazing buffet spread with friends and family. In Erin’s words: “the setting helped create the perfect moment,” for her and her husband. 

With weddings, it’s always the same scenario when it comes to photo time… the guests get to enjoy delicious Hors d'oeuvres but the wedding party often misses out. For the Jahahn wedding, he made sure the wedding party had plenty to nibble on and drink during the photo shoot. 

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Erin describes the speeches as some of her most memorable moments from the day. Aside from listening to heartfelt words from the couple’s closest friends and family, the Larkspur staff managed to organize the whole wedding party to be sat around one table, following Erin’s request. She expressed her deepest appreciation for the effort the staff made, as they contributed hugely to the big day. 

Although weddings are about the happy couple’s special day, it is important that the wedding guests have a great time too. At Larkspur, we’ll always do our best to make sure everyone’s happy. The Jahahn’s wedding guests certainly had smiles on their faces, as the wedding was still coming up in conversation six months down the line. We were thrilled to hear that the event was thoroughly enjoyed by all who came to our little patch of heaven in Vail, Colorado. 

When the couple looks back on their big day, there are a few stand-out moments that they won’t easily forget. A moose decided it would like to check out the scene and made an appearance during the couple’s cocktail hour! The whole wedding party rushed out to see the animal which had obviously caused some excitement. After all, it’s not every day a moose pitches up to your wedding.

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The Jahahns were able to have their stunning wedding day in the setting Erin had been dreaming about for years. But it just wouldn’t have all been possible without the dedicated Larkspur team. Erin has expressed sincere appreciation for all the work the Events Team did: their professionalism and dedication, along with excellent communication with the couple. She’d often speak with them on the phone or on video calls in the months leading up to the best day of their lives. 

When asked whether or not they would recommend Larkspur to anyone getting married in the future they loudly and proudly responded: “Absolutely! It was the perfect venue for the perfect day.”


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If you’ve got any other questions regarding the Larkspur experience, make sure you check out our FAQs page too. 

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