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Tips for Planning a Colorado Bachelorette or Bachelor Party

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Are you the maid of honor or best man who’s also the designated planner for a bachelorette  or bachelor party? If you’re the chosen one, we have a few tips for planning an unforgettable party here in Colorado.

So, what’s the trick for planning the ultimate Colorado bachelor or bachelorette party? Well, we think the number one rule is to plan something you 100% know the guest of honor will absolutely love. Perhaps they’ve even given you a few hints? Every wife or husband-to-be deserves to have the bachelorette or bachelor party of their dreams—it’s the ultimate initiation into married life and gives them one last chance to let their hair down as a single woman or man. So make it something to remember! 

Enjoy our tips on planning a Colorado bachelorette or bachelor party.

Choose the Right Venue 

Venues for a bachelorette or bachelor party are plentiful in Colorado, so first things first—pick a venue that’s conveniently located for both the guest of honor and the rest of your party group.

Think about the vibe of your party and choose somewhere accordingly. We always recommend asking what the bachelorette or bachelor wants from the special day or evening. Think about  their interests and favorite things to do. Do they want a champagne-fueled party or a low-key get-together? 

Our Larkspur venue has a space for both a quieter laid-back gathering (like a stellar meal in one of our formal private dining rooms) or a larger party with a bigger budget (like in our bar patio space that offers unbeatable views of the surrounding Gore mountains).

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Make the Most of the Gorgeous Setting

As we’ve just mentioned, Larkspur grounds offer spectacular views of Vail’s beautiful mountainous setting, which leads us to our second tip for planning a Colorado bachelorette or bachelor party: embrace the outdoors!

Whether it’s snowy winter time or a fresh-aired summer, no party in Colorado is complete without making the most of Colorado’s incredible mountainous setting. So make sure you take plenty of backdrop photos to look back on and consider organizing a fun outdoor activity (but more on that later).

Send Out Invites ASAP

Once you’ve finalized the where’s and when’s, it’s time to move on to the whos. Determining the guest list comes down to who you think the guest of honor wants there with them to celebrate, so don’t miss anyone important. 

We also recommend sending invites out ASAP. That way, you have plenty of time to organize the guest list and ensure everyone has all the details they need. That leads us to the fourth tip…

Tell Guests Everything They Need to Know 

The invites should include every detail your guests need to ensure the party runs smoothly for all attendees. Besides the obvious information like where and when, what information should you provide?

Dress code: Including a change of clothes if you’re heading outdoors.

Accommodation: Details on nearby accommodation for out-of-town guests.

Directions: Info on transportation and how to find the destination.

What to bring: Including a gift for the guest of honor.

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It Doesn’t Have to Be Your Usual Champagne Party

Remember, Colorado bachelorette and bachelor parties don’t have to be the typical dinner and drinks. In fact, we recommend booking some sort of outdoorsy activity to get the party started before heading to us here at Larkspur for a post-activity meal with champagne. 

Some of the best Vail bachelorette and bachelor outdoor activities include:

Playing pickleball at the Golden Peak Pickleball Center.

Learn fishing and unwind at Piney River Ranch.

Ride to the top of Vail Mountain with Gondola One for breathtaking views.

Go horseback riding around one of Vail’s stables and ranches.

Go ice skating and take in the village festivities. 

Swing a club at one of Vail Valley’s many luxurious golf courses.

Take to the slopes on Golden Peak and enjoy an apres ski on our patio just steps away.

Just beware that Vail Valley’s activity offerings vary throughout the year, so pick wisely according to what’s available in the summer and colder winter months.

Make Sure Everyone’s Fed and Watered (With Bubbly!)

No Colorado bachelorette or bachelor party is complete without food and drink—and we here at Larkspur are experts in making sure everyone is treated like queens and kings with world-class culinary creations and premium drinks. 

Check out our current events menu to get a taste of what things we can serve up on your plates. As the designated planner, also make sure you let us know if any of your guests have dietary/allergy requirements.

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How About Wine Tasting, Mixology or Cooking Classes?

Want to see behind the magic and learn all about how Larkspur’s culinary creations are made? Your bachelorette or bachelor party guests can join us for wine tasting,  mixology or cooking classes hosted by our expert Larkspur team. 

Sample our finest selections of whites and reds, concoct your own unique cocktails with our bar staff in tow, o join our chefs in the kitchen and learn how to whip up some of Larkspur’s most popular recipes. 

Here’s everything you need to know about our offerings.

Get the Guest of Honor Excited!

Last on our list of tips for planning a Colorado bachelorette or bachelor party: remember to tell the guest of honor the details too! It might be a surprise, but they have to be told at least the minor details sooner or later. 

So make any final preparations and get them excited as the big date comes around!


Want to book one of the best venues for a bachelorette party in the whole of Colorado? Look no further than Larkspur.

Get in touch and we’ll get the special date booked in the calendar. In the meantime, feel free to drop us an email to tell us more about your party:

Also, read our other blogs to learn more about other fun things we can help you plan!

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